Naturopathic Modalities

Naturopathic Doctor Modalities

Naturopathic Doctors treat the person who has a disease, not the disease. Disease treatment is reserved for allopathic physicians and/or Naturopathic Medical Doctors depending on their jurisdiction. In treating the person, we awaken the person to the vital force of life energy within and help facilitate healing within the individual. The following are modalities that are employed by Naturopathic Doctors.

● Homeopathy
● Homeoprophylaxis
● Diet and Nutrition
● Lifestyle Modification
● Behavior Modification
● Neurolinguistic Programming
● Functional Medicine
● Integrative Medicine
● Lifestyle Medicine
● Psychoneuroimmunology
● Energy Work ie Reiki, Hands on Healing, Touch for Health
● Herbal Medicine
● Nutraceuticals (Pharmaceutical Based Supplements)
● Hydrotherapy
● IV Therapy (under the supervision of an allopath)
● Manual Therapy
● Light Therapy
● Applied Kinesiology
● Iridology
● Cell Salts
● Clinical Hypnotherapy
● Light Therapy
● Breathwork
● Meditation
● Yoga
● Mantra
● Affirmation
● First Aid
● Laboratory Diagnostics
● Physical Education
● Mental Hygiene
● Philosophy of Natural Living
● Hygiene and Sanitation
● Public Health Education
● Clay, Earth Packs, Mud Packs

Naturopathy is not a cure all, yet is applicable to all parts of the body. Naturopathy is the only system that treats the body as a whole. It treats causes and not symptoms. Some cases are not suited for Naturopathic treatment and must be referred out to an allopath i.e. surgeries or specialists such as in the case of progressive cancers, tumors, etc. It has been found that 75% of persons seeking naturopathic treatment do so after medical, surgical, or other methods have failed them. A majority have found relief under naturopathic treatment which they did not find elsewhere. The demand for naturopathic treatment is increasing in demand and public acceptance grows daily. Medical schools do not teach naturopathic principles or methods of treatment. Therefore, patients cannot receive naturopathic treatment from medical doctors. Other systems of non- medical healing such as osteopathy, chiropractic are not complete systems of healing therefore are not equipped to give patients the complete treatment required to secure the desired results. Clinical records show many patients have achieved a cure under naturopathy after being pronounced incurable or hopeless by practitioners of other systems. Naturopathy is effective in long standing chronic conditions. Naturopathy uses similar diagnostic methods as medicine, but in addition uses peculiar diagnostics that are distinct in naturopathy, ie AK or Iridology. Early naturopathic treatment is preventative care that may inhibit the need for heroic measures later on. These principles of the classical naturopathic treatment are distinct from the practice of Naturopathic Medicine, as Naturopathic Medicine seeks to combine pharmacology alongside naturopathic care. In many states with advanced Naturopathic Medical Practice the use of opioids and various synthetic agents are used in conjunction with naturopathic practices and are prescribed by the same physician, an NMD. An NMD is considered a hybrid between a Naturopathic Doctor and an Allopathic Doctor. It is this distinction that proves dangerous as it is the observation that the NMD is inadequately trained in either profession, of allopathy or naturopathy. Many of the NMDs are not trained in more traditional diagnostic or therapeutic modalities as indicated by the Naturopathic Doctor training.

We do not agree with the expansion of Naturopathy to include allopathic medical practices as it is outside of the scope of practice for a Naturopathic Doctor. We work alongside allopathic doctors and do not serve to replace the primary care provider as in the case of the Naturopathic Medical Doctor.

As cited in the bill, “Practice of naturopathic medicine” means a system of primary health care for the (i) prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human health conditions, injury, and disease; (ii) promotion or restoration of health; and (iii) support and stimulation of a patient’s inherent self-healing process through patient education and use of naturopathic therapies and therapeutic substances.

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